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Deductions for business travel expenses need support

If you intend to deduct business travel expenses on your income tax return, keep adequate records. If you are later audited, you will be able to substantiate your deductions. Your oral summary of your business expenses will not hold up to an IRS audit. Besides, audits are often a year or so after the events which make it more difficult to recall what took place if you don't have proper documentation.

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Pay more to fly

Pay more to fly. Beginning July 1, airline passengers will face higher fees. The Congressional budget agreement raises the aviation passenger security fee on travelers from $2.50 for each flight leg to a flat charge of $5.60 per one-way trip. This amounts to as much as an extra $6.20 for a round-trip nonstop flight, but just $1.20 more if a passenger changes planes on the inbound and outbound legs

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2014 Fiscal Year Per Diem Rate Increase - Start Now...

b2ap3_thumbnail_business-strategy.jpgEvery year,the General Services Administration (GSA) establishes per diem rates for government employees in the 48 states in the continental U.S. and the District of Columbia ("CONUS" rates); in areas outside the continental United States (Hawaii, Puerto Rico and U.S. possessions ("OCONUS" rates); and in foreign countries.

The IRS says that private employers may use these "per diem" rates as a record keeping shortcut to reimburse employees for business travel with no hassles.

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